Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Sherman M4A3 by Chan Jackson

Chan's  M4A3 was built from a combination of Tamiya and Dragon parts and had languished as a shelf queen for quite some time. He finished it in this vignette primarily to try out Tamiya's line of textured groundwork paints and snow.

Abrams M1A2's by Brad Raulston

Brad brought this pair of M1A2's to the October meeting. He says that they were similar builds and one wasn't much better than the other.

Rye Field M1A2

 Meng M1A2 TUSK2

Sherman M-50 by Chan Jackson

Chan built this Israeli M-50 from the Dragon M4A4 kit mated with an AEF Design turret. He finished it by airbrushing Vallejo acrylics over a Tamiya base coat.

Vietnam Era M48A3 by Bernie Dietrich

Bernie's Tamiya M48A3 set in a Vietnam era diorama. The figures are from the Master Box Vietnam U.S. Marines set and the extra gear is Verlinden.

LVT-( A)5 Work-in-Progress by Stew Langenbeck

Here are a few shots of Stew's super-detailing efforts on the Italeri LVT-(A)5. It's near the point of being closed up and placed in a diorama set in the Okinawa Campaign. Complete details will follow when the diorama is completed.

Egyptian M4/FL10 Sherman by Chan Jackson

Chan built this newer-release Dragon Egyptian M4/FL10  (AMX-13 turret) used in the 1967 war. It was painted with Tamiya paints.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Early Stuart M3A1 by Stew Langenbeck

Stew came home with a gold medal from the 2019 AMPS International Contest this spring with his "Tea Time" diorama featuring the Academy M3A1 Stuart.  He detailed the basic kit by adding an extensive interior and detail parts from Eduard and Royal Models. The Caunter scheme was brush-painted with AK paints , the stowage was scratch built or from Verlinden. The base was a wooden plaque with a foam core detailed with fine sand and garden soil. The wadi was constructed from paper mache and cat litter. Tempera and watercolor paints were used to replicate desert dust.