Tuesday, June 7, 2022

T-64 BM2 by Chan Jackson

Chan gives the 1997 vintage SKIF T-64BM2 a mixed review saying it wasn't too bad for an Eastern European kit from the era with some nice parts and some bad. He added a scratch built birch log and some excellent figures from Evolution Models. 

Centurion Mk V. AVRE by Josef Ralston

Josef built the 1/35th scale Amusing Hobby kit Centurion Mk.V AVRE applying Gulf War markings. He reports that the individual link tracks were a snap (no pun intended) to assemble. The model was painted and weathered using AK products.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Ramcke Brigade DAK Diorama by Chan Jackson

 Chan combined a couple of Tamiya's newer kits...the PzIV F2 and Kublewagen to create this impressive small diorama of the Ramcke Parachute Brigade in North Africa. The vehicles were painted with Vallejo's "Afrika Korps"  '42 mix which he feels looks too green. All the figures are Tamiya.

T-55 by Brad Raulston

 Brad built this Miniart T-55 with full interior adding 3D printer tracks from T-Rex to really set it off. He plans to set it in a diorama by adding figures and a base.



King Tiger by Terry McKeown

 This is the 1990's vintage King Tiger by Tamiya finished with Tamiya paints and oils for weathering. Terry says it was a nice kit to build and detail...typical Tamiya fit, although the suspension left something to be desired. He added 3D printed tool clamps to dress it up a bit. The base is by Verlinden.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Otter Mk.I by Chan Jackson

Chan believes this Canadian Otter kit was a Commander Models boxing but can't be certain since it was a "junk box basket case" of parts he purchased on Ebay. He finished it in Bronze Green from Vallejo. The figures are a Scale 75 (infantry), Tamiya (commander), and Wolf (gas can guy.)

M60A1 with ERA by Josef Raulston

 Josef finished this Takom M60A1 using AK Real Colors and Ammo weathering products.