Sunday, January 27, 2019

Ford V3000S Maultier Ambulance by Dave Blankenship

The 1/35th scale ICM Ford V3000S Maultier ambulance. The kit was built pretty much out-of-the-box--the only additions being a set of MV lenses for the headlights, rear mud guards fashioned from sheet aluminum, Bronco jerry cans and scratch stowage on the roof rack. The kit goes together well as long as care is taken in the assembly of the chassis. Any misalignment there could cause major problems when mounting the shelter. 

 Tamiya paints were used to finish the model: the Dunkelgelb was a 7:3 mix of XF-60 and XF-2. The red cross markings were airbrushed. Several applications of oil filters were applied by brush and airbrush followed by an airbrushing of thinned Tamiya buff and brushed-on pigments. A final "splatttering" with AK Light Mud finished the weathering.  Detail on the kit is impressive but there is no interior so you'll have to scratch build one or, do as Dave plans to do, save the effort for the Dragon Opel Maultier ambulance kit that has a complete interior.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Panzer 1A "Breda" by Chan Jackson

Chan's Spanish Civil War Panzer 1 Breda is a Masterbox release. He reports that the kit was typical of many older Eastern European models...a little rough around the edges with a lot of flash on many of the parts.  The multi-piece hull, lousy indi-link track and poor instructions didn't add anything to its appeal.  The figure is from D-Day Miniature Studio, a newer company that is fast becoming one of Chan's favorites.

Korean War M45 by Chan Jackson

 Chan cobbled this M45 howitzer tank variant of the M26 together from an older Dragon M-26 hull and an MB turret. His original plan to mate the MB turret to an AEF Designs resin Pershing hull wouldn't work due to a major mis-match in fit. The Korean War figures are from Dragon.

Panzer IV Ausf. F by Stew Langenbeck

Stew pulled out all the stops to create this Akrika Korps Panzer IV F1. He combined parts from Gunze Sangyo and Dragon kits as well as Griffon photo etch for Panzer IV F1, F2, and G variants. In addition, he added aftermarket sandbags, cupola, a CMK mantlet, and Archer weld seams. The figures were sourced from Dragon, Tristar, and Masterbox.

To augment the aftermarket additions, Stew did some major scratch building on the model.  He added armor to the hubs and inside the drive wheels, added detail to the interior of the turret, adapted AFV Club's articulated suspension to fit, scratch built rear storage racks and trays, and the base.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Gep. MTW Katzchen by Chan Jackson

Chan purchased this already started Gepanzerter Mannschaftstransportwagen K├Ątzchen (try saying that three times fast) on Ebay and did much free lancing to portray this model of what was to be a replacement of the Sd. Kfz. 251 based on a Pz.38t chassis.  This engineering variant was finished with gear from the Dragon engineer figure set and a Wolf figure and was a one year project

1/35th Scale DUKW by Chan Jackson

Chan's reclamation project of an Italeri DUKW shelf queen included a Value Gear drop-fit load, a model railroad portal,  and figures from Tamiya.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Panzer III Ausf.L by Chan Jackson

Chan built one of the newer releases of the 1970's vintage Tamiya III L, added stowage, and placed it in a diorama with a Diopark building and figures from a number of manufacturers. The German infantry figures are from Evolution and Warriors, the tank commander is from Alpine, and the peasants are Verlinden. The thatching on the roof of the building is from a wallpaper brush he "borrowed" from his wife.