Saturday, October 24, 2020

Schwimmwagen by Bernie Dietrich

Bernie built this low parts count, simple to build 70's vintage Tamiya Schwimmwagen as a break from assembling the tracks on the Amusing Hobby Jagdpanther II. He finished it with Vallejo Sand Yellow, Dark Yellow and Sand Beige, Tamiya rubber black, and MiG sand pigments.

Jagdpanther II by Bernie Dietrich

Here is Bernie's completed 1/35th scale Amusing Hobby JagdpantherII which he started last spring. Since it was a "paper Panzer" he decided to build it as if it had just rolled off the Ferdinand factory assembly line. The model was painted with Vallejo German red brown and gun metal. A little Mig pigment was used on the tracks. The "chalk" messages written by workers on the vehicle as it passed down the assembly line are from a set of decals Bernie found online. Bernie reports that the kit went together well but the tracks (with 5 pieces per link) were tediuos to assemble.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

King Tiger by Brad Raulston


Brad enjoyed building the 1/35th scale Meng King Tiger with Porsche turret and liked the link-and-length tracks which were "pre-sagged" along the top run (which are unfortunately hidden by side skirts.) This was his first use of resin water slide zimmerit and he found that liquid cement was a must--especially on the edges. Brad painted and weathered the model with AMMO acrylics and weathering products.

Work-in-Progress by Josef Raulston


Brad's son, Josef, is working on this Meng Merkava 4M. He is using the AMMO IDF Solution box set and accompanying book to learn and practice new modeling skills.
The model is finished except for weathering and application of the tracks.

M3 75MM GMC by Brad Raulston

 Brad built the 1/35th scale Dragon M3 75MM Gun Motor Carriage out-of-the-box. He reports that overall it was a very nice kit with the only real issue encountered being alignment of the cab and cargo area. He painted and weathered the model using AMMO acrylics and weathering products.




Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Panzer IV G (Mid-late) by Brad Raulston

Brad built the Border Models Panzer IV Ausf G Mid/Late out of the box.  He painted and weathered it with AMMO acrylics, weathering filters, washes and pigments.

He reports it's a nicely detailed kit with great fit. The only note of caution is to watch the orientation of the breach to the mantlet. The instructions aren’t clear and it’s a very tight fit either way.

Matilda Work-in-Progress (Finished Model) by Bernie Dietrich

Here's Bernie's completed Tamiya Matilda Mk.III/IV, lightly weathered as it would have appeared at its base in England.