Friday, April 13, 2018

Tamiya Dingo by Stew Langenbeck

Stew improved upon the inaccurate suspension of the Tamiya kit by scratch building a new suspension based on bogies from a Stuart. Parts from three photo etch kits and scratch built accessories were used to add the finer details.  The vehicle was hand painted. The base is foam core, cardboard, papier mache, and paper towels coated with Mod Podge then covered with soil from the yard, talc and baking soda. The ripples in the sand were created using kite string. The figures are from Alpine.

Monday, March 5, 2018

King Tiger by Terry McKeown

Terry built this Dragon Henschel-turreted King Tiger with zimmerit out-of the-box. But given the amount of photo etch and the indy link tracks (90 per side) that are included,  OOB is no small feat. Oddly, there was no machine gun with the kit and Terry had to source one elsewhere. He painted the kit with Tamiya and Vallejo  (for the weathering) acrylics and used Archer transfers for the s.Pz.Abt 505 "Charging Knight" markings on the turret.  Evergreen rod was used for the antenna and the model was placed on a Verlinden base.

British WWI Mk I Tank by Bill Seamon

Bill finished the assembly of this 1/72nd scale MB Models MkI in an hour and the complete model over a three or four day period. He drilled out the gun barrel and used "Moon Sand" micro beads for the mud on the tracks.  Unfortunately, washing the Moon Sand in dishwater detergent didn't thoroughly eliminate their purple color, so even after painting, a slight magenta tint still shows through.  Live and learn.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sturmpanzer IV by Terry McKeown

Terry built this Tamiya "Stupa" out-of-the-box and reported it was a quick and enjoyable build with the excellent fit typical of a Tamiya kit. He applied "peel and stick zimmerit, painted it with Tamiya acrylics and weathered it with oils.  He applied Verlinden decals and placed it on a  Tiger Models resin base.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Meeting Cancellation!!

Due to impending bad weather, the NEO AMPS meeting scheduled for tonight (Friday, Jan. 12, at 7:00 pm at the Stow Acme Fresh Market) has been cancelled.  We will meet again Friday, February, 9th...same time and location unless conditions again warrant cancellation.  Please check this blog or your email for any updates.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

T-14 Armata by Chan Jackson

Chan built the Zvezda kit of Russia's latest MBT: the T-14 Armata. The T-14 features a 3-man crew in an armored capsule, a crewless turret, and a 125mm gun (with a 150 mm gun projected for the future.) It is cheaper to manufacture, longer ranged and faster than anything in their current arsenal and is definitely of great concern to NATO. Currently, there are 1,200 examples of the tank with thousands more planned by 2020.   Chan reports it was a nice kit and relatively easy build with "link and length" track and nylon screen provided. He painted it with Tamiya acrylics.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

SU-100 by Stew Langenbeck

Stew put a lot of work into enhancing the Dragon SU-100 by super detailing the interior, adding some photo etch and a metal barrel. Also, he added Italeri field maintenance tool boxes and a MG42 since these vehicles were often used in offensive charges against German defensive positions and convoys.  The crew are from Miniart. They were molded to service a tank and had to be modified to work with a self-propelled gun. Stew was impressed with the detail of the molding on the faces--the Asian features of one were clearly evident! The base was constructed from min-corkboard, balsa, basswood, paper mache, and real dirt. Stones from the backyard painted with oil paints were used to create the wall.